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Discovery houses provides the answer

Residential treatment is designed for young people and adults, women and men who are going through a terrible moment in their lives, as it is dealing with an addiction and people who are truly willing to rehabilitate themselves. Discovery Houses is an institution truly committed to their patients and the relatives of these patients who also are affected by the addictions that suffer certain loved ones.

If you need information about the programs and the conditions that provide homes for the rehabilitation of discovery houses, then we recommend you to visit our official web page and get in touch with the customer service staff through emails and phone numbers available in the info box, they are happy to answer all your questions. It is worth mentioning that the houses of rehabilitation available are divided into two sectors, one sector is exclusive to female patients and the second section is especially for men.

All of this is done with the sole purpose of both men and women can receive the same treatment and the same care professionals always respecting your privacy as individuals. Patients have the authority and the right to decide if you want to share their homes with other members of the center or you can opt for a house of rehabilitation. Each one of the people who come to this rehabilitation camp will feature personalized treatments in order to treat addictions of each one in a personal way and give you better track of their progress.

The houses of rehabilitation of Discovery Houses are located in the Costa Mesa, California which will allow patients to take your dog or favorite pet to accompany them throughout the process.

It is worth mentioning that one of the major therapies to cure addictions is the contact with animals , it is for this reason that if the patient has their own pet the process will be much easier and patients who do not have a pet then the center will provide a temporary pet and if the patient is allergic to the contact of any pet, then the therapy would change for them and it will be given the option to go diving and share with animals from the different reefs.

Each and every one of the activities that patients can do at the time that they are to stay in the houses of is part of the therapeutic treatment that will help them heal their addictions.