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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Mattress For Back Pain

By considering an awful sleeping cushion, this can bring about back torment. With an ergonomic bedding, it is conceivable to get a decent resting stance that won’t just unwind your muscles however will enhance your general wellbeing. The bedding can likewise help you to get a magnificent rest. Contingent upon your normal resting stance, guarantee that you pick a decent . Settling on the correct decision of a have a considerable measure of effect.

In one review that was led on a sum of 313 patients who had bring down back torment, patients who mulled over of medium-firm experienced less agony while they were lying in bed. They likewise had less inability as a consequence of agony when contrasted with the individuals who thought about a firm . This is a finding that has been affirmed by various specialists and isn’t in accordance with the conventional suggestions that is firm.

It would also be a good idea to try out different kinds of choose the one that is best suited for you. There was a time when this meant that you had to keep going to the store and spending many hours while lying on the random while being put under pressure to buy by the annoying salesmen. However, today, it is possible to order and try it for a few weeks. If you happen to be uncomfortable with it, you can return it.

Compare different backpain

There are many new generation that have been designed to provide relief for patients suffering from chronic back pain. Some of the popular brands are:

  • Saatva mattress. This is designed with memory foam and inner spring
  • Helix mattress. Contains memory foam, natural latex and microcoils
  • Amerisleep Revere This is a memory foam that is plant-based as well as Celiant fabric
  • Important considerations when buying back pain mattress
  • Here are a few considerations you will need to make when buying a mattress for back pain:
  • Firmness of the mattress. It should be firm enough to support the lower back for back sleepers and should be soft enough to contour to the body
  • If you are a side sleeper, choose a mattress that has a bit of softness to cushion the hip and shoulders
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, choose a mattress that is former to ensure that you remain afloat
  • Consider also a combination of these styles.
  • Go through various mattress foam reviews before making a choice.

How Cell Phone Usage Hurts Your Spine And Posture

It’s been assessed that Americans spend right around 5 hours every day on their cell phones, and they’re not really conversing with anybody amid that time, they are normally checking messages or messaging. While this may appear like a safe leisure activity, it is really prompting to extreme physical results of which many individuals are uninformed. Utilizing the cell phone for amplified periods can harm the spine. This article investigates how cell phone use harms your spine and stance, and gives you a few tips that can lighten the issue.

Why cell phone use is an issue

A great many people utilize their cell phone to stay aware of what’s going on via web-based networking media or for messaging, and that is the reason they invest so much energy gazing down at it. It’s been affirmed that having the neck in a forward position for such quite a while every day, can unfavorably influence the spine, and influence typical stance in the long haul.

Staring down at your smartphone puts the spine is an abnormal position. The head is tilted forward, so there is immediately undue pressure being put on the neck. Added to that is the curved position of the shoulders, and the bending of the arms.

This type of posture has led to an increase in neck and back pain, especially among ‘millennials’ who spend a lot more time engaging with their smartphones than the rest of the population.

Doctors have even dubbed the associated pain ‘text neck’ in recognition of the fact that it is largely due to the habit of looking down on the smartphone while texting. Staring at your smartphone for hours at a time can result in neck and back pain, as well as metabolic damage.

This was established by a landmark study done by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery.

Here’s how texting can hurt your spine and posture:

It can lead to pain in the cervical spine: The cervical spine or neck is put under a lot of stress when the head is moved forward for long periods. In his study Dr. Hansraj discovered that tilting the head forward for long period while texting, actually increases the weight of the head, which means the spine is stressed, because it has to deal with the additional weight. The findings by Dr. Hansraj reveal that tilting the head forward 60 degrees increases the weight of the head, (which is normally 10 lbs.), to as much as 60 lbs. This leads to neck strain and neck pain, and also impacts the lower back as well.

The loss of the natural neck curve:The natural neck curve can also be affected by the position of the head while using your smartphone. The normal neck curve is specially designed to keep the body balanced, and offer optimal support for the head. However, adopting a forward head posture for long periods can flatten the neck curve, and this can also lead to neck pain, and impact the rest of the spine.

Smart phone usage can also cause people to develop what’s known as forward head posture or FHP. The correct postural position is one in which the curves of the neck and spine are in proper alignment. FHP results in mis-alignment of the spine, because the head and shoulders tilt forward, and thiscan harm the entire spinal structure.

What can you do

In order to ease the harmful consequences of smartphone usage, doctors recommend that you take regular breaks from looking down at your phone.

They also suggest moving the smartphone upwards so that it is at eye level, as this will help to ensure that your head is kept in an upright position.

Regular neck exercises have also been recommended, as these will help prevent the possible pain that can arise when you keep your neck locked in one position for long periods. Simple exercises like moving the head up and down, or side to side can go a long way in helping to minimize discomfort.

Posture Pump also has products available that can help to ease neck and back pain, and help to reverse the ill-effects on the spine caused by smartphone use.


Tips to Lower Back Ache

Maybe you bowed the wrong way while lifting something substantial that has brought on you bring down back torment. Then again you’re managing a degenerative condition like joint inflammation. Whatever the cause, once you have low back torment, it can be difficult to shake. Around one in four Americans say they’ve had a late episode of low back agony. Furthermore, practically everybody can hope to understanding back agony sooner or later in their lives.

Once in a while, it’s unmistakably genuine: You were harmed, or you feel deadness, shortcoming, or shivering in the legs. Call the specialist, obviously. Be that as it may, for standard and mellow low back agony.

Tips and Tricks:

Here are a couple of basic tips to attempt at home :

Chill It

Ice is best in the first 24 to 48 hours after you figure lower back pain because it reduces inflammation, says E. Anne, PhD, PT, DPT, associate professor of Physical Therapy at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine. “Even though the warmth feels good because it helps cover up the pain and it does help relax the muscles, the heat actually inflames the inflammatory processes,” she says. After 48 hours, you can switch to heat if you prefer. Whether you use heat or ice — take it off after about 20 minutes to give your skin a rest. If pain persists, talk with a doctor.

Keep Walking

“Our spines are like the rest of our body — they’re meant to move,” says Anne. Keep doing your daily activities. Make the beds, go to work, walk the dog. Once you’re feeling better, regular aerobic exercises like swimming, bicycling, and walking can keep you — and your back — more mobile. Just don’t overdo it. There’s no need to run a marathon when your back is sore.

Stay Strong

Once your low back pain has receded, you can help avert future episodes of back pain by working the muscles that support your lower back, including the back extensor muscles. “They help you maintain the proper posture and alignment of your spine,” Anne says. Having strong hip, pelvic, and abdominal muscles also gives you more back support. Avoid abdominal crunches, because they can actually put more strain on your back.


Don’t sit slumped in your desk chair all day. Get up every 20 minutes or so and stretch the other way. “Because most of us spend a lot of time bending forward in our jobs, it’s important to stand up and stretch backward throughout the day,” Anne says. Don’t forget to also stretch your legs. Some people find relief from their back pain by doing a regular stretching routine, like yoga.

Watch your Posture

Slumping makes it harder for your back to support your weight. Be especially careful of your posture when lifting heavy objects. Never bend over from the waist. Instead, bend and straighten from the knees.

Wear low heels

Exchange your four-inch pumps for flats or low heels (less than 1 inch) will help you a lot in your lower back pain. High heels may create a more unstable posture, and increase pressure on your lower spine.